How long should I keep my tattoo covered?

After your artist wraps your new tattoo, we advise that for a small tattoo that you keep it wrapped for 3-4 hours, for larger tattoos with heavier colour/ blackwork, we advise that it stay wrapped overnight, then unwrap, wash with an unscented soap and pat dry. do not submerge in water for long periods of time.

How often should I cream my tattoo?

Once your new tattoo has started to scab and become dry, apply an unscented moisturizer to it, being careful not to use too much, a little goes a long way. Apply 1-2 times a day once tattoo becomes dry. Keep up routine for 2 weeks or until tattoo is smooth.

My tattoo is itchy, is this normal?

In a word, yes! Once tattoos start to heal the skin has to dry and shed, revealing your new tattoo, this process can be rather itchy but whatever you do DO NOT SCRATCH!

How will I know if my piercing is infected?

If you think at any point that your piercing or tattoo may be infected, we advise you return to the studio so we may check on you, signs of infection include swelling, discharge, your piercing would be hot to the touch,  pain and fever.  Correct aftercare routines are essential to healing.

What is rejection?

Rejection is the involuntary removal of a body piercing via healing, the body pushes out the jewelry and heals behind it, removing the piercing from the body. This can happen for many reasons including  allergic reactions, irritation, trauma and infection.  Signs of rejection can be detected by your piercer.

How long should I wait to swim with my new tattoo/piercing?

With any open wound, you should wait until the skin has healed before submerging in bodies of water containing chlorine or natural  bodies of water such as lakes, ponds and rivers, and absolutely NO HOT TUBS. We recommend 3 weeks after a tattoo and up to 6 weeks after a body piercing.

Does it hurt to have a tattoo?

Pain is subjective, but with any form of body modification, pain is a normal side effect, tattoos are performed by piercing the dermis repeatedly and implanting ink under the skin, this feels like small scratches and the after effects feel close to sunburned skin, but this will be very manageable and won’t last more than a day or two.

How can I pay?

We accept cash, debit and credit cards(Visa/Mastercard) in store. We unfortunately do not accept American express at this time.

Can I bring someone to sit with me during my appointment?

We understand that having a tattoo or piercing can be a little scary and you are welcome to bring a friend for support. More than one friend however can be a little distracting to the artist and other artists so we ask if you need support to just bring one person.

Can I have a few drinks before my tattoo/piercing?

Drinking alcohol before your appointment is not advised, you must be of sound mind while having a tattoo or piercing. Not to mention you run the risk of extra bleeding and healing issues.  So save your drinks for after.

How do I choose my design?

We have several artist on staff who would be more than happy to go through your ideas for your tattoo. Then we will take that information and design a unique piece specifically for you, once a design is completed you will be invited back to make any changes and adjustments. It’s your tattoo and we are here to make sure you get the best possible outcome.

How should I prepare for my tattoo?

Your design is done, your appointment is set, so what’s next?  Before your appointment we advise you get a good nights sleep. Do not drink alcohol the day before and have a big hearty breakfast, this will set you up for success. Keeping hydrated during your appointment and wearing loose fitting clean clothing is also very important.  You are welcome to bring a book, tablet or headphones to keep yourself occupied while you are being tattooed.

How do I know when my tattoo is fully healed?

Your tattoo will appear healed once all dryness and scabbing has subsided, you will get a silver skin effect on the surface of your tattoo, then a few days after your new tattoo will shine through. This can take anything from 2-4 weeks.  If you wish for someone to take a look to make sure you are healing well, you may stop by anytime and someone will take a look and give you any advice you need.

What lotion is the best for my healing tattoo?

We recommend an unscented moisturizer, with no added colour, micro beads or glitter. Some brands we recommend are Aveeno, Lubriderm and dove unscented. You can also use specialized tattoo creams such as Tattoo goo, Aquatat and Simple cleanse. Do not use petroleum jelly.

Is everything safe and sterile?

We take your health and safety very seriously, all tattoo equipment is disposable, and will be opened in front of you to ensure cleanliness. We also have  an autoclave on site which is tested every 30 days, records of which you are more than welcome to look at. Our health inspections are up to date and we maintain a strict one touch rule to ensure no cross contamination.

How long will it take?

Body piercings take a matter of minutes. Your piercer will go through your jewellery options then it’s a fairly quick process. Tattoos can take anything from 15 minutes to full day sessions, it really depends on your design, placement and appointment durations. Your artist will discuss your time frame at the time of booking your appointment.

Why is my deposit non refundable?

Once you have decide on an artist and a design, we take a small deposit to secure your appointment, this secures a time with the artist and countless hours for the artist to design and prepare for your tattoo, this can be very time consuming and our artists do not get paid for design work, reference checking or the time taken to do all of this. So, in short, the deposit ensures the artist time is not spent in vain.

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